BIM Consulting and Project Execution Planning

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Project Execution Planning

All successful BIM projects start with one common thing. This commonality is a well developed BIM Project Execution Plan. We have over 10 years experience planning and executing BIM projects. Let Practical BIM Solutions help you develop a plan that is focused on meeting the needs of all participants This includes the owner, design team, CM / GC and trade subcontractors. Our goal is always to develop plans that are "Practical" and are fair and reasonable to all parties involved.

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Custom Revit Content and Data Collection

Building Information Modeling has become a powerful tool in the AEC Industry. Companies that are in position to fully harness the power and apply it to their business processes are able to find the highest Return on Investment. 

One way to maximize your ROI is to create custom Revit content and data fields specific to your company or project execution plan needs. PBS has the ability to analyze your current processes and create content specific to your needs. This custom content can be used to help streamline the estimating and scheduling process or to help transfer data from design to construction to building operations.

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Company BIM Adoption

Every company has their own unique culture and standard operating procedures. Integration of BIM into your culture and SOP's needs to be done in a way that is practical for the organization and leads to streamlined and efficient business processes. Let PBS use our experience to analyze your current processes and provide our expertise in how and where BIM fits into them.

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